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About us

Economic Policy Management African Network (EPMAN) is an umbrella organisation of the seven Economic Policy Management (EPM ) Programs offered actually in seven countries accross Africa, namely Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana, DRC and Ivory Coast

Main objectives

Built the capacities of administrations in the Economic Policy Management sector

Share the experiences in the Management of the economic Management policy Training programs

Ensure the functioning of the web platform

Encourage the cooperation with the similar programs.

Ensure students and trainers transfer between EPM

Main objectives

Improve the accessibility of the seven programmes through on-line marketing and admission

Improve the training capacity of the sept programmes through on-line publication and dissemination of EPM courses

Establish portal linkages with ACBF, WBI and all others funding institutions website in order to access didactic resources produced by institutions supported by those funding institutions

Organize on-line distance learning on economic policy management.

Publish an EPM Newsletter and animate the EPMAN Forum

Establish working groups comprising scholars and alumni from the seven programsMain objectives

The network

Cameroon - University of Yaounde II
Côte d'Ivoire - University of Abidjan, Cocody
Mozambique - Eduardo Mondlane University
Ghana - University of Ghana, Legon
Zambia - University of Zambia, Lusaka
Uganda - Makerere University, Kampala
Democratic Republic of Congo - University of Kinshasa


The African Capacity Building Foundation
The World Bank Institute - Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
Programme de formation en Gestion de la Politique Economique
Columbia University
Program in Economic Policy Management
GRIPS - Saitama University
Program in Public Finance for Taxation Policy and Management
Harvard University
Program in Public Administration in International Development
Keio University
Program in Taxation Policy and Management
University of Tsukuba
International Political Economy Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Yokohama National University
Infrastructure Management Program


A capacity building initiative sub saharan African



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